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  3. Same request. Is there some way we users could get a checkbox during the Bluetooth pairing process that says "Connect automatically"? That way, the default could still be "Ask to connect", but users could have the option to avoid picking up the remote to connect a newly powered on Bluetooth device. I do like that the speakers come on when the Bluetooth device is powered off, but maybe someone would like to set Bluetooth as the default output?
  4. Hi Nick Yes, to the latter, because you already seem to have understood my point. However in an attempt to be helpful I have done some investigation and found an LG YouTube video that shows how to set up a TV that will not be used for live TV services, the link below should start at the point with the relevant setting: https://youtu.be/R4Jh5VBLBSk?t=111 Hopefully this will be of more use than people whining about features they did not think to ask about before they purchased a product. Oh see what I did there!
  5. Last week
  6. @George Hofmeister Aren't you gonna come in here and tell all these new people to this thread that they should of done more research or w/e and that their complaints aren't valid? or did you just feel like being a contrarying to me?
  7. Yes I am sure that the website does work on your phone and computer (as it does on my own devices), but those are not running webOS. Just because something works on one browser does not mean it will work in another. Did you ask MotoGP if they had tested their browser in webOS or if they just tested it on mobile & desktop platforms? Websites have to be written to be compatible with the browser trying to serve the page, for instance Internet Explorer would need several different pieces of coding to be viewable in all the different releases. As I have written else where in this thread the webOS browser probably does not recognise the JavaScript being uses to display the video, and it should be relatively easy for MotoGP to engineer their site firstly to recognise the webOS browser and secondly to serve it with a version of JavaScript that it can understand and display. http://webostv.developer.lge.com/discover/discover-webos-tv/ It is easier for a website to write a site to serve the correct JavaScript to a web browser than for a browser manufacture to cater for every esoteric piece of coding language out there. It should not be difficult as webOS's browser is based around WebKit as used by Safari, Opera, Chrome and even now Microsoft's upcoming releases of Edge. Most websites are not catering to webOS or even Smart TVs in general as they still make up a very small percentage of devices browsing the web, all sites need to be told to look for specific browser ID strings: https://developers.whatismybrowser.com/useragents/explore/operating_system_name/webos/
  8. Well if they are webOS apps and have been written to run in a portable format then yes.
  9. Can anyone write here down the problem in a technical manner (from pro to pro), which I will then forward to MotoGP? Just hoping it will help or in worst case just shorten our wait time.
  10. What is the web os version of your tv?.I think its webos 2.0.Hotstar told that only webos 3.5 or above tvs support hotstar
  11. i have lg 3d smart tv model LB6500 40 INCHES HOTSTAR APP IS NOT IN LG STORE PLEASE HELP
  12. True, we in USA need to wait!
  13. I already have contacted them and it’s not a problem with the website. Videos work fine on the phone and the computer. Website comes up no problem on the tv. I click on any video and nothing happens. Just a blank screen with the address bar at the top.
  14. Hi all, Can I run 2 apps from the same USB stick on my LG WebOS 3.5 ? Thank you.
  15. Please get in contact with the MotoGP site, if they do not know there is a problem they will not know to fix it.
  16. The TV model number is UH850V and the firmware version is 05.30.30
  17. I think as of now they are rolling out for India.
  18. @Vas I contacted LG team regarding web os update, they said only firmware updates will be given, No webos upgrades I have an 2016 43lh600t and my web os is 3.3 and firmware version in 5.xx.xx.When contacted hotstar i was told it only supports tvs with webos 3.5 and above since their platform is not compatible for webos below 3.5.
  19. I have the same problem and it is really upsetting me. The only reason I bought this p.o.s. was to watch MotoGP on a big screen. Now it looks like my kid is going to inherit it to play video games. If they don’t fix it soon then I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER LG PRODUCT EVEN AGAIN!!!!
  20. But can't you update your version of the WebOS or maybe request for it if it's not manually possible?
  21. Really infuriating to read this. What even is their reason?
  22. Apparently Samsung has exclusive rights for the HBO Go smart TV app in the US. I could install the app on my TV by changing the location to Mexico, but I got an error message saying "HBO Go is only available in certain areas of Latin America. If you are located in Latin America and you are having trouble accessing HBO Go please contact your distributor. IP address: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (US)". So even with the app installed, it won't work because their server identifies the location through the IP address. The only way is to have your TV connected through a VPN (illegal I assume) or with a compatible device (Chromecast, Ruku, etc) or via some stream apps (Amazon prime video, Hulu, etc).
  23. Hi Maureen, Not the best thing that you had to do a reset but at least things are back up and running as they should be.
  24. It’s incorrect, they have not even opened it for USA on webos 4.10
  25. Hi George, I did all those steps that I listed. I had to do a factory reset on my tv. Problem solved.
  26. Hi Maureen, Try this: Restart your smart TV Unplug your TV from power for at least 1 minute. While your TV is unplugged, press and hold the power button on the TV for 5 seconds to discharge it. If you cannot access the power button or your TV does not have one, leave your TV unplugged for at least 3 minutes. Plug your TV back in. Turn your TV on. Try Netflix again. From Netflix: https://help.netflix.com/en/node/51955
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