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  2. That sounds unlikely. I've had a C7 for eighteen months and it never supported lossless audio. The TV does not have and never had a transcoder for those codecs.
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  4. I am unable to turn on subtitle for shows in hotstar. In hotstar app I cannot click on subtitle option for On or Off.
  5. So I own a 56 inch LG ultra hdtv and the app store offers a Hotstar app. Now the app works fine for live shows and games, and also for non-premium content but it doesn't for Premium content. I am having a very specific issue- the video rendering problem. For the Premium content that included top-notch tv shows and movies, the app doesn't load the video- the video stops and plays and stops and plays. One might think that the internet connection might be slow, but that's not the case as we have 300mbps fast internet connection and all the HD content on Netflix and Amazon Prime works just fine. I contacted Hotstar regarding the same and they said they are working on it but LG is not responsive enough to resolve the matter fast. I have failed to get this thru with LG customer support, and now looking over here to see if any one else is having the same problem and they found a solution around. Also Hotstar claims that they issued an update for the app in May 2019, but the app on my tv is the one released on Mar 22, 2019 and there is still no update available. Please help!!
  6. how to free games download in apk file
  7. Lo que tiene que hacer LG es dejar de lado tantas tonterías y excusas y atender las peticiones y las necesidades de sus clientes, el sistema LG webOS tiene que ser más flexible y tomar nota de los que quieren los usuarios que son los que pagan y mantienen a esta empresa What LG has to do is put aside so many nonsense and excuses and meet the requests and needs of their customers, the LG webOS system has to be more flexible and take note of those who want the users who are the ones who pay and keep to this company
  8. @Cody k TV supported and played this metadata from time I bought TV but problem showed up after firmware update.
  9. My TV has a magic remote, so no 1 key to press. Is there an equivalent for magic remote?
  10. No offence but you should have installed the apps on the tv before taking the subscription. Not all apps are available on LG webOS and its upto the streaming service to provide the app.
  11. Same my problem. And no one answer me .
  12. Faced a similar issue twice in the past six month period. Working PC\ HDMI cable combination was outputting a blank black screen i.e. HDMI port was unable to detect the PC signal. Solution by the LG tech was to do a system level reset of the TV. (different from the remote initiated menu driven reset.)
  13. What about the laptop...was it still connected to the internet. I tried all the below options but none of them worked laptop (internet connected ) & tv ( internet connected) laptop (internet disconnected ) & tv ( internet disconnected) laptop (internet connected ) & tv ( internet disconnected) laptop (internet disconnected ) & tv ( internet connected) windows os : windows 10 pro version : 1809 os build: 17763.503 I think this works only for a lucky few
  14. This is because the TV outputs audio via ARC, or its internal speakers + Optical. Neither of those methods supports TrueHD or any lossless audio. ARC only supports DD+ with Atmos metadata, and Optical won't support Atmos in any form. Your option would be to find a device that connects to your receiver by HDMI, like a 4K Blu-Ray player, which can play media files from an external drive. Or, y'know, buy the movies legitimately.
  15. You cannot disable Dolby Vision on your TV's Netflix app without losing 4K entirely. They do not provide an HDR10 stream to devices that support DV. What is almost definitely happening is your TV's Dolby Vision settings are probably wrong. Just as with any other input, and with regular HDR content, there are several preset options to choose from for DV. If yours defaulted to one of the Technicolor presets, most people find those to be too yellow. Scroll through them and find one you like. My personal choice is 'Cinema Home' with all of the Motion Smoothing effects turned off.
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  17. Hello To fix it. go to network settings of tv, disconnect from the present wireless network (DO NOT DISABLE WI-FI). Now the connection should work (either through screen-share app), or from tv mode.
  18. Going by the following forum posts KODI is unlikely going to be available on any Smart TV platform apart from Android: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=224594 & https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=340213 As for a Raspberry Pi being too techy, check out Diet Pi https://www.dietpi.com which provides a nice and easy way to get a Plex server up and running. If you do not think the RPi would have enough processing power Diet Pi also has version for many more Single Board Computers.
  19. and this is what we mean. kodi on android tv is the server and you only need a storage. now you need storage and server which always has to be on, so laptop is not an option, cheap NAS also not (no processing power), rasberry pi too techy and tv box yet another remote control....
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  21. Hey there, Does anyone know if it is possible to swap between watching something in Dolby Vision or HDR? The issue is when content is available in either option (depending on hardware watching on) the TV will always default to Dolby Vision but I would like the option to watch in HDR because sometimes it is too yellow and the picture setting options are limited in Dolby Vision. Thanks
  22. Mine works perfectly. Using it on two tv’s now. No problem playing premium content. The only mild issue is missing subtitles with the big bang theory. Not much of a concern now. I haven’t faced video stuttering till date. Wish they add dolby 5.1 soon.
  23. Hi, I have a LG webOS UH650V (2016) running 05.50.55 firmware, yesterday I attached a 4TB Western Digital Elements drive with a single NTFS partition and it is seen and works.
  24. Hi Divyu, Thanks for creating the video on the premium content issue. I would send the link to Hotstar's support desk as everyone here is just an end user and it would be unlikely that we could solve the issue as it is probably an issue with the service provider not the TV.
  25. yes its available.. check the vedio i made .. but somehow the prmium content doesnt work well. too much laggy.. only premium content https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw6cvAs3iLM&t=7s
  26. it is now available sir .. i have made a vedio on the same but somehow premium content doesnt work well .. please check the vedio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw6cvAs3iLM&t=7s
  27. it is now available sir .. i have made a vedio on the same but somehow premium content doesnt work well .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cw6cvAs3iLM&t=7s
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