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  2. Hi, I just Bought the LG OLED55C8 with its Universal "Magic Remote" that should be able to control the sound settings in my accompanying(i bought it for the tv separately ofc, but was told it was compatible with all major sound system brands) LOGITECH z906 sound system. I'm using a Optical cable from my z906 and in the OLED55C8 TV settings you can choose about 30 of all the biggest sound manufacturers to link the remote to. To my surprise and disappointment Logitech was not one of them. Is it possible to choose any of all the other BIG NAMES IN SOUND, besides Logitech so i can use just the one remote, or will i have to suffer the switching between remotes all the f-ing time? If it cannot be done, can you, LG, please contact Logitech to get some Firmware over to LGs WebOS system so i can use my z906 as intended? From A rather disappointed new purchaser of the LG OLED55C8
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  4. What is your webos version?If your tv has webos 3.5 or above you will get in the app store.If your tv is running 3.5 or below,LG should give a firmware update for the compatibility of the hotstar app.
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  6. Any update on this please, are we able to get Hotstar app
  7. Guessing that you would need a 3D source, i.e. a Bluray player with 3D, and the appropriate glasses and away you go.
  8. Can jio tv be run on LG web os
  9. I have a LG 49UJ6500 TV with WebOS 3.8. Is LG planning to release latest update of 4.0 for this model? Really I need to use the google assistant . Are there any alternate ways? Please suggest
  10. Hello. I have LG's smart TV. Model is 47LB650V-ZN. I wonder how to watch movies in 3D. Do you have any information how to do it?
  11. Not able to play hotstar content on Kh oled
  12. As you have read the threads you will have seen many reasons you may not be able to get HBO, and some ways of getting HBO. Which of the reasons that you cannot get HBO apply to you, without knowing that I cannot give you a brief answer.
  13. Yea they would add to newer tvs and not ones from 2017 and 2018 because they want us to buy another tv when we just bought one and to find out the expensive 800 tv u just bought doesnt even allow u to add hbo or do other things like most tvs already do but LG figured they would make people spend alot of money on a tv that cant do what they want then instead of adding it to an update for all tvs they only add to the new so people would have to buy another tv but unfortunately alot of us single disabled parents cant afford to buy Multiple tvs. Yall need to update all the newer tvs from 2017 till now and actually make them do what they claim. If i knew this tv wouldn't do most things i needed u wouldn't have bought it but no they advertise lies to sell their products .. time to throw away lg and go back to an android tv so i can get the options i actually need
  14. Also ive looked at Multiple threads i didnt find the answer
  15. And why cant u just tell me instead of making go through posts that don't exactly answer my question
  16. If you could look at some of the many other threads on the subject you may find an answer to your enquiry. https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=hbo
  17. How do we add an hbo app to this tv? Ive tried HBO,HBO go ,and HBO NOW and i cant manage to find one for this stupid tv. This is the only tv ive ever had that i cant figure out how to log on to an HBO but yet has starz and showtime that doesn't make sense. Can someone tell me how to get one of those on here plz
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  19. Please see the many other threads on the forum for an answer to your question. https://www.lgwebos.com/search/?q=zee5
  20. They should be fine, in theory get them in pairing mode and follow the on-screen instructions.
  21. Sadly NetCast is not generally support any more and if I recall correctly there was an app but it had some stability issues as it was not regularly updated, if your TV still works well as just that I would suggest a ROKU as being your best avenue to getting Prime Video.
  22. Hi i am not able to download zee5 app to my LG smart tv , my tv model is : webosTv UH850T, please help n guide, regards
  23. Can't not running Webos, running netcast
  24. Hello, I am not able to see the Hotstar App in 49UH6090 TV, I have software version of 05.30.55. can you please let me know what do i need to do inorder i see this app. thanks Srini
  25. I have a LG 49inch smart TV and I want 2 use wireless headphones, but the TV won't recognize my current pair , what wireless headphones can you use or is it even possible?
  26. Same request. Is there some way we users could get a checkbox during the Bluetooth pairing process that says "Connect automatically"? That way, the default could still be "Ask to connect", but users could have the option to avoid picking up the remote to connect a newly powered on Bluetooth device. I do like that the speakers come on when the Bluetooth device is powered off, but maybe someone would like to set Bluetooth as the default output?
  27. Hi Nick Yes, to the latter, because you already seem to have understood my point. However in an attempt to be helpful I have done some investigation and found an LG YouTube video that shows how to set up a TV that will not be used for live TV services, the link below should start at the point with the relevant setting: https://youtu.be/R4Jh5VBLBSk?t=111 Hopefully this will be of more use than people whining about features they did not think to ask about before they purchased a product. Oh see what I did there!
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