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  2. Airtel tv app not able to load

    I have LG OLED 55C7T TV bought in Dec,2017. I have a problem. I'm unable to download AirtelTv app. what is the way ? May be this app is not supported by Webos of LG smart TV. Any one tried this app before. Please help me. I called Cust. care but they are dragging the issue saying, that it was referred to their technical Dept. And will revert back. Pls do help
  3. HBO GO/ SHO Anytime

    LG should be pushing hard to HBO, STARZ, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, for apps for WEBOS. It makes your TV's more appealing to buy. I love the picture on my new LG TV; I did not realize there were no apps, and can't play via the browser; VERY DISAPPOINTED in a $2500 TV SET! I don't want pay for these again via Hulu, or Amazon; as I already subscribe to these channels via cable TV; why do I want to pay again! If you can't get the apps, make WEBSOS support Adobe FLASH, so we can watch via the browser! Do SOMETHING please!
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  5. LG Webos question

    Hello, I own a tv 65EC970v manufactured in 2015. (written on the sticker). cpu's capabilities are comparable to many 2105 model which features them webos 2.0 Why do not you portage for this kind of high-end TV? At 6000 euros the TV I think you can lean a few hours on the lineup of the webos 2.0 especially for tv oled 4k high-end. thanks for your quick answer
  6. @GCPcloud ทีมงานPowerMaxสนใจครับ

  7. (فاستفتهم أهم أشد خلقا أم من خلقنا إنا خلقناهم من طين لازب) [الصافات:11]

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  9. Amazon Music

    I encourage everyone to report the Web browser issue to Amazon. If Pandora works Amazon Music should be able to. I tried Amazon Support but basically got ignored. We need some numbers.
  10. Sound problems

    I've managed to solve the problem phoned up lg and got a person whith experience my booster was turned up too high which stopped the cracking sounds I had now and again
  11. Accessing music files correctly

    Thank s for comments. The NAS is a Netgear Stora. I'm afraid I could not make Serviio find it, so still looking for a solution. Sounds like I should try Plex.
  12. vpn for lg smart

    To my knowledge there is no way to set up a VPN on webOS, possibly you could do so on your modem instead.
  13. No Amazon Prime Video App

    Apps are often dependant on geographical location, first you need to find out if it is available in your area.
  14. Nordic HBO

    Can't stream because the app is not working, or the app is unavailable?
  15. Sound problems

    What sound problem are you experiencing?
  16. Flash player in internet browser

    Flash is a notoriously fickle programme to support, so many hardware and software providers (not just LG) do not support it and have not done so for years (see Apple). Plus Flash is a dying technology: So the answer I am afraid is to badger the content providers to move to twenty first century technologies sooner rather than later. Remember HTML5 is your friend.
  17. Accessing music files correctly

    After some time I also moved to Plex. I found that using the native Plex app for LG TV made the interface much prettier. I have never used a NAS with Plex or Serviio so I can not help there.
  18. Accessing music files correctly

    I used Serviio but soon moved to Plex as it seemed to be (at the time, 2+ years ago) a more rounded solution. What NAS do you have, possibly it may support Plex and/or Serviio?
  19. @blu3id I just read my reply the wrong way and it sounds snooty ;-) Glib comment from me in the blog post on the sc…

  20. usb 3 comparability

    According to the following review it is USB 2.0 compatible: Obviously a USB 3.0 drive will work off of it of course.
  21. Thanks, perhaps the next time LG wipe the disk I'll try your suggestion.
  22. HotStar App for LG WebOS TV

    In latest response to my tweet, Hotstar support confirmed that Hotstar App will be available in LG WebOS by April 2018. Cheers!!!
  23. The current channel management and tuning is not very good. A good channel list editor with alphabetical sort and channel deletion and not skipping (memory conservation and speed) would be great for models with Satellite tuning. Tuning multiple satellites results in THOUSANDS of channels most of which are useless. Also. there is no way to avoid duplicate channels or easily root them out. From time to time channels would change frequency and even manual transponder tuning would result in excess and duplicate channels.
  24. Google Pixel 2 international giveaway @androidauth #giveaway

  25. USB Hard Disk Wiped After Update

    i have resolved this issue by: re-partitioning my Hard with 2 partitions the 1st with 50 to 100 Gigabyte and the 2nd with the rest of the Hard disk Capacity the 1st partition ever must be empty save your movies into the 2nd partition i hope that will help you
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  27. How to fix these problems?

    I also have an lg 55uj635 and the SW version which has just been updated during the week us now at 04.70.45. Although Indont think that means the version of webos is at 4.7 Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  28. Channels show Invalid Service

    All I get is invalid service for every non Irish channel.I have to set my tv to UK tuner to neven pick u these channels.I live in Donegal. When set to Irish broadcast,only pick up Irish soarview. I have a fairly powerful antenna, so should be able to pick up freeview from NI Dont know what the issue is,but had same problem with old samsung TV.Am thinking the soarview broadcast has somehow interfered with Freeviews.Dont know if its an LG problem.I got into the service menu on the tv and messed about with a load of different settings for the DTV tuners, different regions,but still same issue Would really love to get the freeview channels or explanation or solution for this. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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