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  4. Perhaps your problem is related to the encoding of srt file. A lot of programs (even some subtitle editors) have difficulty to parse Unicode (or UTF-8) files. Check if the following solves the issue: 1- Make a copy of the subtitle file and open the new file using a text editor (like Notepad on a Windows machine, TextEdit on a Mac or Gedit on Ubuntu. Almost all text editors are able to change a text encoding). 2- Click on File menu, then Save As... 3- In the dialog box, in File name section, add a " (quotation mark) before and after the filename, just make sure to add .srt to the filename to. So if your filename is subtitlename, you should put it like this: "subtitlename.srt" 4- In the Save as type, make sure to choose All files. 5- In the Encoding section, choose ANSI. 6- Click Save button. If you didn't change the filename (except for adding .srt at it's end), Notepad will ask you to overwrite the file. Click Yes. 7- If your subtitle file contains Unicode characters, a warning (which tells you those character will be lost) will pop up. In that case, the Unicode characters will turn into question marks or squares or something and the whole text may become gibberish, but if your TV plays it, at least you'd know the source of problem. Click OK. 8- Make sure the names of both movie file and subtitle are the same (except for their extensions, naturally). Check if the TV player shows it. Even if your subtitle language is English, it still may contain Unicode characters, like the music sign or sometimes the subtitle authors put their names using fancy characters. If this method solved your issue, compare the new and original subs to make sure nothing important is lost.
  5. Николай Бычков

    What version?

  6. nemilose

    What version?

    Probably 1.0
  7. George Hofmeister


    Hi Vish, Sorry I cannot give you a step-by-step as getting in to service mode is not something I have tried myself, all I can do is point you towards possible tutorials. Here are some more: https://www.askvg.com/secret-service-codes-for-sony-and-lg-tv/ https://www.askvg.com/secret-service-codes-for-sony-and-lg-tv/ http://openlgtv.org.ru/wiki/index.php/Access_hidden_service_menus_/_modes
  8. George Hofmeister

    LG TV in how to chrome app download

    I am guessing that you are trying to install Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome from the Play Store (or similar). It is not possible to install Android APKs as webOS is not Android.
  9. Vishwanath S


    @George Hofmeister hello George thanks for your reply, I tried getting into service menu but failed as tv as just 5 buttons one in the middle ok button and four navigation buttons that serves as volume and program button, when tried using center button tv switches off and on I don’t see the service menu and ofcourse I am using Along with remote... looks like I am missing something in here can you please help with step by step thanks
  10. Last week
  11. Hi sir madam My TV LG 43LH602v TD this model in How to chrome Mozilla this type of application download..
  12. George Hofmeister

    Bluetooth audio

  13. George Hofmeister


    Hi, You could have a look at these tutorials, although I cannot vouch for how relevant they are going to be: https://www.wikihow.com/Display-the-Secret-Menu-in-LG-TVs https://factory-reset.com/wiki/LG_Service_Menu
  14. InvaderZim

    HBO GO App

    Which model TV?
  15. Vishwanath S

    Bluetooth audio

    I have a TV Lg49lh600t which was bought in 2006 and I was able to connect to any Bluetooth speakers including non lg speakers, but subsequent updates have left me with no option now, including sound sync is missing. How can I enable the Bluetooth feature now on my tv... please help how to get on to service menu and enable the same
  16. Vishwanath S


    I have a TV Lg49lh600t which was bought in 2006 and I was able to connect to any Bluetooth speakers including non lg speakers, but subsequent updates have left me with no option now, including sound sync is missing. How can I enable the Bluetooth feature now on my tv... please help how to get on to service menu and enable the same
  17. Patrick_

    Synology Apps needed

    I have a DS1815+ and it’s working perfectly with my C7V. I enjoy 4K by installing media server on the Synology and browsing with the video and audio app of the TV. Don’t forget to set the correct shares on the Syno!
  18. Николай Бычков

    What version?

    Привет! У меня телевизор 42LN520V-ZE,какая версия WEB OS?
  19. Cody k

    Amazon App doesn't render in HDR

    Are you 100% sure you're watching the UHD version? Amazon, stupidly, lists both on a 4K TV. They're marked almost identically, with just "UHD" in a banner in the corner. I have the C7P and have had no problems with this. I've watched 4K content with HDR as recently as last night.
  20. KRISHNA0123

    India App not available

    NOw you can use sony live and hotstar in 2018 models through browser.
  21. bill456

    Lg 55 lb 6500 magic remote

    You can try to reset the magic remote, instructions as per LG: 1. Press the home and back button on the remote simultaneously for 5 seconds. 2. You will see the red light blinks thrice on the remote which means the remote has been “reset”. 3. Now point the remote towards the television and press the scroll wheel that doubles up as the “okay” button. 4. You get the message that the registration is complete. 5. You are now ready to use the magic remote to control your television features. 6. If the problem persists please call the local service center of the LG dealer for assistance.
  22. titanbird

    Synology apps in WebOS

  23. Gianni

    Synology apps in WebOS

    Did Synology answer you?
  24. Gianni

    Synology apps in WebOS

    Me too. And then Lg B7, C7, E7 won't upgrade to Web OS4.
  25. bensen

    spotify stops

    go to your PC and go to your spotify profile and log out of all units. then login on your LG tv and then it works
  26. Darío Kripper

    New webOS 2.0 Firmware ver. 4.05.01

    Hi I need the webos 2.0 complete to reinstall. Do you know where to download ?
  27. I think I'm having the same problem as Tom S. with by B6P, though after factory reset my TV would respond to the magic remote for a brief period...some of the time. After many restarts, I finally got through setup, and now I get the "Bluetooth service needs to be initialized." message every time I push the wheel/select button, so TV functionality seems severely limited. I've ordered, and will try using, the AKB73975702 remote, and will post whether that worked for me too. UPDATE: After some time (maybe six restarts), a message pops up saying that the magic remote has paired...and the TV seems to be back to full functionality for now. I'm sorry that the resolution seems so mysterious (not sure why it paired then and not any of the many previous attempts).
  28. _A.T.Omix_

    How to seek (rewind) video file via DLNA?

    I would also like to know. This guy is able to seek through videos over DLNA without transcoding it seems: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKVcQ0QLb8A
  29. While the OLED c7p WebOS app for Netflix will render in HDR (Dolby Vision), the tagged content from the Amazon Prime app will only render in 1080p without HDR. Amazon says that the Bosch series should stream in SUHD + HDR. Is there something I need to set somewhere specific to Amazon on WebOS?
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