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  3. Probably your sound output is not set right. Go to settings and change audio output to auto. It might be set to PCM or something else. if still doesn’t work after changing to auto, restart the tv and soundbar fro mains. still not, then press the “AD” button on the magic remote while HDMI 2/3 whichever is ARC is selected as source. You’ll get a menu with power button. Click that and the soundbar will power off. Then after 2 mins do the same to power on again. These should work definitely.
  4. Since Zee5 App is not available on the play store I am unable to play any media on LG Smart TV runs on WebOS. I have written to Zee5 in regards the same and they mentioned that they are aware of this issue and working on it and it would be available in a month. It has been 3 months past as of June 24, 2019 but the Zee5 App is not available.
  5. Karan, thank you for your response. I tried your solution, but for some reason, it didn't work for me. I removed the optical cable and connected the HDMI cable to the TV's HDMI (ARC) port and the soundbar's ARC port. Also, via the SOUND settings menu, I set the Sound Out to HDMI (ARC). According to the settings display, this also automatically turned on the LG Simpliink. Unfortunately, something is amiss because I could get no sound from the sound bar.The volume buttons on the magic remote now controlled the the soundbar volume indicator (which was not the case before the connection change), but no sound was produced. Any further suggestions?
  6. Dear LG WebOS team, Zee5, Hotstar, YuppTV and other apps are available on your platform but there is lack of TataSky to watch online in LG SmartTv. Requesting for an update and release of TataSky app to enjoy TataSky during monsoon when most of the STB receptions went off-air. Regards
  7. How to install HOTSTAR APP on LG Smart TV model No. 55LA6200.
  8. Is it possible to add additional memory to Smart TV to increase speed of loading channels when using IPTV?
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  10. Please add a gray subtitle font in photos and videos app for oled tv
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  12. I would look at the following things:- If you have many apps installed I would consider uninstalling all but the most used apps. Make sure you turn your TV completely off when you shutdown. Go to Settings/General/Quick Start++ Turn (OFF). This will make sure your TV turns off properly and doesn't just go to sleep. (I think some apps may not play well with memory and will need to shutdown occasionally to re-coup memory) If you use your TV to record shows - it will use the TV's memory unless you have a USB drive/stick plugged in. Delete any recorded shows. Hope this helps... Cheers
  13. It is as hard as ESPN getting some programmers to create it, so not very.
  14. You need to remove the optical cable and connect an HDMI cable from the tv’s HDMI ( ARC) port to the soundbar’s ARC port. After doing that turn on LG Simplink in the settings. Then you will be able to control the soundbar from the magic remote. You can also add the device using device connector -> add device. Simplink is basically HDMI CEC that allows control of connected HDMI devices. Optical cable is just an audio output cable and cannot be used to control the other device. Get a decent HDMI cable.
  15. The app should be available for your WebOS version.You should search for the app in the LG Content Store.If you find it click on it and click on install. If you don’t find it, then write to [email protected] and ask them.
  16. Brian F


    How hard is it for you to add an ESPN App so I don't have to buy a stupid Apple TV?
  17. Hi, The Web OS installed in my 55" LG Smart TV is 5.80.35. Is Hotstar app available in this version?. How to install Hotstar in this version. Regards, Venkatachalam.M
  18. I though mezzmo was a server / client solution with mezzmo software running on the TV in addition to the server software. It looks like mezzmo is just the dlna server part like minidlna is. I think there is no samba use anywhere in your setup, it is dlna only. You use the LG built-in dlna browser and play files with the LG built-in video player like I do. So, if you don't want to use wifi : Have built-in ethernet and usb adapter ethernet cable plugged on ethernet switch to be able to browse the dlna server file list any time. Use built-in ethernet connection alone and plug the usb adapter only when playing media files with high bitrates with peaks superior to 100Mbit/s. Any of theses solutions are better than having to use an ntfs formatted HDD plugged on usb port with media files knowing ext4 is not supported on TV even though it runs linux For information, the chipset in the usb adapter is apparently a Realtek/RTL8153 Thanks again for having shared your experience
  19. Just for your amusement this is an example of the level of control I have on ALL LG TVs: the menus you see are custom made.
  20. 3. That is correct this transfer rate is possible with only the usb network card. I am using the TV built-in video player and Mezzmo lists the files to TV. Somehow the usb only setting makes the media server disappear after some time. I have wifi+usb setting now and this will allow the wifi to scan the local network and stream the video with usb network card. I turned-off the TV for more than 10 minutes and turned it on again to make this setting work successfully for three times continuously now.
  21. Thanks for those infos. 1. It means no possibility to set manual settings, it has to be done from dhcp server if needed. 2. The OS automatically initializes a connection when usb adapter is recognized and the menus settings are only for the built in adapters : wireless and wired. 3. You only had ethernet cable to the usb adapter when you did get those 160 Mbit peaks right ? No ethernet cable plugged in the built-in ethernet port? I personally use a rpi 3b+ with librelec, the minidlna add-on and the LG built in video player old 4. and 7. It seems that mezzmo client needs the built-in ethernet to discover the mezzmo server and that smb part is handled by the OS. It would be interesting to know if the TV also uses the usb adaptor connection for built in video player with dlna and is as easy to handle as netflix, only one ethernet cable plugged in the LAN usb adapter. 6. Ok so you get dhcp connection even though "unknown device connected." appears, right ? It made me try again with an ethernet cable plugged in usb ethernet adapter, still no led, only the "unknown device connected." message. I gonna need this cable matters adapter if built-in video player with dlna is as easy as netflix concerning connectivity because dlna doesn't seem to have this multichannel functionality.
  22. Let me give you more details. 0. My TV is LG 65C7P 1. I was able to connect to a router and it gets an ip address, gateway ip and everything from dhcp. I can go into the router and verify the ip address of the added lan card. It also appears in my media server app. 2. The TV will not show anything about this network card. In the settings, it says both wireless and wired lan is disconnected. However, the Netflix is running with the lan card. Pretty strange feeling. 3. My environment is Windows 10 running on a 24/7 server with Mezzmo as the media server. I was able to stream the highest bitrate 2160p remux + DTS-MA without drops. With network monitoring tool, the streaming is reaching 160mbps peak and 110mbps average during the media being played. This same media file was dropping once in every 5 seconds when connected to internal 100mbps alone and once in every 15 seconds with the 5Ghz wireless connection. I can sense that browsing the media server directories are crazy fast. 4. I am using this model: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B074F4JCK7 5. Just plugged it on the side of the TV that has the blue colored USB port which is USB 1. No any additional power supply was used. 6. Another strange observation is that, it is still working even after it shows "unknown device connected."
  23. Hello KM Lee, Does it replaces the built in ethernet adapter settings in menus or you have an additional settings for the usb adapter ? Did you check the actual bitrate, 200 Mbit/s would be sufficient ? Please tell us your TV model and full WebOS version, available in "About this TV" menu for LG TVs. Even lg c9 oled is limited to 100 Mbit/s so if a gigabit adapter is supported it is a good news. Please confirm that you talk about an usb adapter and not the pcmcia netgear GA511 adapter. If it is really an usb adapter you use, please give us the exact model, version, chipset if available. Is it this one ? : "Cable Matters USB to Ethernet Adapter" https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Matters-Ethernet-Adapter-Supporting-x/dp/B00BBD7NFU You don't need to use an powered usb switch to give the adapter more power than what TV usb port can give ? I tried an usb gigabit adapter in the lg c8 usb port, leds on it are not turning on, the adapter isn't supported and gives me an "unknown device disconnected" message when I plug out the adapter. The chipset in it is an "ASIX AX88179" Thanks for answers
  24. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I visited this site due to the same question. I successfully connected the usb 1gpbs ethernet that another member linked in below links that is sold from Amazon.
  25. Thanks Geroge. Sorry about the confusion. Let me get in touch with Hotstar as well. Will update back if i hear anything promising.
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