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    • Welcome to the club! So many of us have experienced failed wifi card - mine exactly one month after the warranty expired. Also, many of us are suffering from a message box that constantly pops up indicating that a network device has been disconnected - even when we have wifi turned off since the damn wifi cards don't work anyway. Wish I could give you some positive news on this, but short of having the wifi card replaced, not sure what other advice I can give you.
    • Unfortunately, this has been a recurring topic where others, including myself, have complained about the lack of an HBO viewing app with no helpful response from LG.  Several others have different ideas about why an HBO app isn't offered, but it would be nice if LG would give a response.  There are a number of other posts about this issue for which you may search and some have offered alternative methods to try and watch HBO, none of which seemed like what I wanted (I just want to fire up the app and watch HBO, just like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Showtime).  Welcome to the unhappy customer club.
    • Your router most likely provides a 2G and 5G frequencies/connections, you are probably trying to connect to 5G, so try connecting to 2G.
    • I couldn't find anywhere on how to change dual audio with single or button combination on digital tv. Tried with arrow up and yellow button, nothing happens. AD button is for audio description on/off. On some channels someone puts dolby digital as primary (second audio) and instead of hearing stereo it pushes, as it seems, RR/RL channels - no voice. I can change in menu - programmes - audio language to first. But as soon as I change channel and revert back it reverts to secondary. This happens rarely (depending on what kind of broadcast puts by default), but is there an easier way to change it by remote? I could do it on my previous LG 32LD750, but this one??? Thanks in advance.
    • I just got it to work and connect to Wi-fi, make sure you have internet channels turned on, there should be an update, possible this is the cause.
    • I ended up buying a ROKU. I think it’s probably a better WiFi system than the one built into the TV.  Just think of it as your replacement WiFi , that cost you $40. I gave up on the LG WiFi a month ago, and it’s such a relief to have reliable WiFi connected to my TV.
    • Hi!! Looks like all LG smart TV’s are going through issue. I hope LG is listening and will address this issue. 
    • I have no answer to this Wi-fi connection problem but I myself am having the same problem lately with my LG 49UH6030.  It would always connect before easily.  I have 5 other devices connected to the same Wi-fi, no problems.

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