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LG webOS Smart Refrigerator

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LG webOS Smart Refridgerator discussions including usage, specific models, new releases, and upgrades. LG webOS Smart Fridge has a 2017 projected release.

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    • Olá pessoal, boa noite. Eu tenho um modelo de 2014, a LB6500 e gostaria de saber se há algum método aonde eu consiga instalar um firmware de algum modelo atual por cima?  A minha está  no webos 1.4.0-2532 e não há mais updata. A versão final que tenho instalada é a 05.05.70. Há muito tempo atrás, seguindo um tutorial que vi aqui no fórum, lembro-me que após fazer um downgrade acabou mudando o modelo da TV, que após muito custo consegui voltar o firmware original dela, logo penso que talvez eu consiga jogar um firmware mais atual por cima  
    • fu.ck LG tv and brand... I lost my hard earned money on this ackwardly smelling shit... no Sonyliv, no hotstar, no Airtel Xtream, no support to java browser..... dirty diaoriah ass WebOS... whyaaak thoooo... 
    • I have got LG smart TV from US, it was configured and working there. In India, after restoring the default settings, I am unable to see Content Store , which blocking me installing any app. please help..    Cheers, Jagadeesh 
    • Sadly no your TV like mine and all others are not computers and cant upload or down load programs, which means at some point your very basic search engine becomes the old version and no longer supported. This causes problems like not being able to access basic functions like emails and site memberships like Youtube and Gmail and many others. Its my opinion that the big search engine companies should provide a dedicated OS for TVs as this is a big failure on their side in a growing entertainment/communication  market. Sadly many people,pensioners,mentaly disabled,unemployed or just plain poor cannot afford to buy a new TV. Its a very basic thing that the TV manufacturers are letting us down on. If i was them i would have a docking bay on the TV that would allow an updated and formatted hard drive to be inserted to get around this problem it's a cheap and easy solution with advantages. Another product to sell LG after all who says that if they do buy a replacement TV it will be an LG TV?  
    • Hi, Not sure if in the right place or if this has been asked before. I have a subscription to the BT Sport App as an add on through my EE Mobile Phone package. I have watched the BT Sport through the web browser for a few months now relatively ok (lagging issues aside), however when I try to now watch anything on BT Sport, the video will not play and the message 'Sorry this video is not available on your browser. Please try again on a supported browser.  Error Code VC088 appears which I have tried researching but nothing seems to work.   Why has it stopped working when it was working previously if anyone has any idea   Thanks
    • There is no hot star app in lg TVs you need a android tv or just buy a android box 

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