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LuneOS is a mobile operating system derived from Open webOS and maintained by the webOS Ports team.

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    • Hi Mr G, No your are right there is no need for a long discussion, people do things the way the like doing them.  Nothing wrong with that. As for Netflix not working in the browser, well it could be a few things: 1. Netflix's backend does not recognise the webOS browser, simple enough to cure in theory; just code in the browser ID string
      2. The webOS browser does not meet the HTML5 requirements needed for Netflix, while it is pretty good it falls behind others such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera 
      3. The most likely culprit is probably a plugin on the site that the webOS browser cannot handle, in this case it is more than likely cadmium-playercore which is a JavaScript based player.  While the webOS browser does support JavaScript it probably just does not like media players based on it, another user had a similar problem in this thread: https://www.lgwebos.com/topic/3555-ken43 YouTube uses HTML5 to play videos, not relying on anything else hence it runs happily in webOS.    
    • Thank you George. Yes YouTube runs fine but oddly not Netflix. I would have thought Netflix uses HTML5 for its browser and WebOS would display HTML5. No big deal just that we use the browser for everything else, email, YouTube, News channels, so we have simply got used to using Netflix from within the browser. Plus we have found Apps usually have limited functions, less security and more bugs so we avoid them. I would not want to get into a protracted discussion about whether to use apps or browser, just wondering, as you do, why a widely-used service such as Netflix would not work on a fairly-widely-used Operating System like WebOs and would there just be some simple setting that we are not aware of to enable Netflix to play content without leaving the browser.
    • I have 3 LG TV's in the house. Would be nice to have apps, channel list, etc. sync between the TV's such that it's a seamless operation between them.
    • PlutoTV app that is integrated with the guide just like channelplus is.
    • YouTube should run fine as it detects a compatible browser and then only uses HTML.  Silverlight like Flash is pretty much dead in the water and no manufacturer if their browser does not support it now is going to bother building in support for it. Out of interest why do you want to watch it in the browser and not the app?
    • C55ln5750 smart tv has ggod sound on youtube videos but zero sound on live radio via radio stafion direct, iheart, streems etc. . I also get out of memory while searching but I have no open apps. lG Canada “Support????” Claims there is not enough memory on-board to handle streaming radio broadcasts so how do they explain my ability to run YouTube videos with music and no drop in signal of video or audio? My iPad mini can broadvast the target station’s live programming with its limited memory and the tv can play movies with sound so what’s the problem with radio broadcasts?   Not Impressed st all!
    • We want to watch netflix on the browser not the app. The login page appears but when we click on the Play button a screen appears talking about HTML5 and Silverlight. We know what HTML5 and Silverlight are but find it strange that the WebOS browser does not support this markup language on its player. Oddly YouTube works fine in the browser. Does anybody know how to get the WebOS browser to run HTML5?
    • Would let me play other file types that LG havent got around to including playback for (ie M4A) or is this just for being able to access media on a NAS directly from the TV? Thanks