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    • yeah it sucks  and my tv released   on november 2nd 2017 ...  and    they rereleased the same model    one month later in the 2018 series with  bluetooth  magic remote  smart thinq and google assistant   build in  the exact same model   one month apart i got so pissed  and basicaly  i had bought an android tv by sony  but best buy coudnt find it  to deliver so they sent me a lg instead  .... and  i didn y had a choice    as it was holiday  time  and didnt want to spend another month witjout tv  but that said  it is so stupid that tv has miracast  which  i can cast from youtube   on my phone    but i cannot cast my screen     as we need to use  lg stupid app that only let you cast  songs photos and videos  not    your screen .... and   even i can cast to youtube i cannot do it trought the assistant    that aint supported .... wrost than that the tv has the smartthinq app  installed to control any smartthinq devices  but we cannot control   the tv    with smartthinq  on other devices   and seriously ....  i dont care not having the assistant built in since i already have alexa and google homes in every rooms   so it woudnt be hard to add  google home.and alexa smart speakers to control the tv ....  it is supposed to be smart after all    and has miracast, wifi , dlna and can connect to any  network attached storage wirelessly  so  technically   i would be able  to use a google home on it   i can even  control a old roku 1  with the google home for god sake and i was able to    turn on  my old 2012 sony     which was  kinda the first smart tvs having a web browser netflix youtube and maybe 5 other useless apps   but no appstore  but stil i could power on   with google assistant  or alexa i dont remember which the as the tv died last  fall so in my opiniom they just dont care to support anything not from this year  which is bad business   and when they announced webos 4  they said their current tvs  with web3.5 and up  would get webos 4 but  that was not the case at the end    and aside from spotify , newsy, youtube  prime and netflix  the apps  are useless in  america  they cannot even put apps for stuff we have here     and i ll never buy  again  and my tv was praised by gamers so   they probably  been asked many times  and thry say they release updates and features   going on  what people ask ... that tv got one systeme update    in  1 year and it was this fall  supposed to correct internet that keep disconnecting or not beinf able   connenct to servers to accept being bombarded with target ads   ...   ... and seriously theit update made the tv way slower and  the internet keep disconnecting non stop    by ethernet as welll as wifi   they said i needed a 15 megabit connection to stream  ....  and i have a 200 megabit.connection here ...   if only we could hack em and install custom. firmwares    but nop we cant   
    • Hello, What player do you use on this Android box? Does it support HDR?  Regards,
    • please bring  airtel tv app to webos which will make our tv really smart 
    • U should include voot app and hotstar in LG webos tvs
    • Hello friends,
      Please help me
      I have a lg 43lh60200 TV I want to change my country to access blocked apps by my country, if there is any way, please, thanks, thank you.
    • those are probably thumbnails  file metadata created by MacOSX, those are not visible in your computer because files with names beginning with a dot are considered "hidden" in all Unix-derived systems (Linux, MacOSX), due to FAT32 constraints it can't store thumbnails as resource forks (the MacOSX way), so it creates ._ files
    • Por supuesto, solo puedo hablar de mi experiencia con los auriculares Bluetooth. El conjunto que he estado usando durante dos años es un conjunto que cuesta aproximadamente 20 € y fue fácil de configurar el emparejamiento con el televisor sin ningún problema. Enlace debajo: https://www.allreli.com/product/bluetooth-headphones-allreli-best-wireless-sports-earphones/
    • Purple on display?   Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk