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    • It is not possible.
    • How can I update my tv la86000 to webos?
    • I can receive HBO GO content now, however, the menus have to be accessed through my tablet.  I use miracast to show the content on my TV.  If this is an answer to any of this, let me know and I will clarify.  However, if its actually having the HBO app on the TV, I can't help.  
    • I bought a chromecast for $30 and now I can play HBO Go.  I can not receive the menus on the tv screen, so I just pick and choose from my tablet, then miracast it to the TV.  I do not have to subscribe to Chromecast just the $30 for the apparatus.   This is the only reason I am a member of this forum, trying to get answers about HBO.  Trying to achieve this final outcome was beyond frustrating I know, as I subscribed to HBO GO through Hulu, which I receive quite nicely.  We should let Hulu know to place a warning about the problems. Good luck.
    • Well I'm all for an expansion, but LG needs to be seen to engage with both content providers, app producers and end users if they want webOS to blossom and not die on the vine as it did with Palm/HP.
    • Yo! We heard you like open sourced webOS so LG open sourced the open source of webOS! Ok, so that’s not entirely accurate since LG purchased the closed source webOS code from HP after they open sourced…well…bits and pieces of it back in 2012. So no, you’re not stuck in a Doctor Strange time loop. webOS has been open sourced before but not by LG.  This news comes as a shock to the current legacy webOS community still rocking Pre 3s and waiting for LuneOS to reach “driver” status.  The community hasn’t poured through the code as of yet but it immediately begs certain questions: Will the work on LuneOS be helped or hindered by additional LG open source code which LG had already been committing too for some time (though they have missed some of their promised bits for a while)? What hardware limitations are there for use of the software? Still looking for that webOS toaster… How flexible (read: portable) is it? How complete is it?  HP’s open source webOS was decidedly incomplete… We’ll keep you updated on the developments on this as they become available.  For now, the conversation has started on the forums so feel free to chime in. #webOSforever Related posts: Enyo Team Open Sources Mochi UI, Feels like webOS 3.1 Open webOS Running on a WiFi Router Open Letter to LG #1 View the full article
    • With today's announcement from LG on open sourcing webOS OSE, LG's Chief Technology officer said , “webOS has come a long way since then and is now a mature and stable platform ready to move beyond TVs.” So what does this actually mean? We know LG has put webOS on a smart fridge and projector, but could other appliances or possibly even phones be on the list? Maybe not directly for LG but what they probably want to see, is the usage of webOS in other technology and form factors with a common tie-back to LG. HP tried to do the same with the Open webOS Project that didn;t go anywhere and the domain is not coming up online today.  Open WebOS reborn as LuneOS for mobile devices which also saw little adoption.  With this latest release, does LG have the push to make it something HP could not? That's the real question and only time will tell. In teh end, it's all about users for an OS to survive even though there are plenty of nostalgic Palm and HP webOS fans keeping their fingers crossed for a webOS powered smart phone or tablet. Articles on today's release: https://www.slashgear.com/lg-webos-open-source-edition-kicks-off-global-trek-19523548/ https://www.theverge.com/2018/3/19/17138246/free-webos-open-source-download Check out the graphic where we see a tablet, media player, TV...and what is assumed to be a graphic for AI possibly....  
    • "As we move from an app-based environment to a web-based one, we believe the true potential of webOS has yet to be seen" This is true. I have not seen any potential true or untrue from the terrible apps that LG force on us. As for web-based..... Seriously don't make me laugh. When I read this, I honestly thought this was a joke.