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Minidlna or ExternalHarddrive cover or thumbnail of folder

August 04, 2016 - 09:46 AM

Hail, i'm web programmer and buy new LGsmart TV about week ago but after searching on internet i cant find any recommended directory structure for Movie,Music or Picture that on my TV shows the Covert of Music/Album or Movie Poster.

I use picard music tagger that save inside the album `cover.jpg` of music album art. but seems be LG web os dosnt show it. How can i show the cover of album music instead of default folder Icon in smartshare part.

I got same question about movie. contain movie poster.


After all LG or any devices must have Linux clients for smartshare .. i use minidlna and lg must support this tiny usefull app to help us to connect lg smart devices like TV.


After all WebOs is also linux based os. we need somthing like windows or mac software on most popular distros like Ubuntu.